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2022 YFIS Titanium Exahust Pipe

2022 YFIS Titanium Exahust Pipe


Term and Condition


Finally, the YFIS Titanium Color Exhaust pipe is ready to order.

  It will be slightly different from the old version.  The muffler cap and the bracket will be both titanium colors.

  YFIS will start to manufacture the pipe in September. According to YFIS, the pipe will take 3-4 months to make. If there's any delay, we will notify you, and DEE'S SCOOTER PARTS is not liable for the delay.

  For customers who want to purchase the pipe, customers will need to pay the full or half amount, so we will place an order and keep one for you.  Once the customer pays, the order can not be cancel and there's no refund.

  Shipping fee will be charged when they are done and ready to ship.

  Please make sure to tell us before 8/20/2022, if you want to order.

  If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. Thank you!

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